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The Quest for Fulfillment

Susan Velasquez

Manifestation is the new buzzword in the quest to create fame and fortune. Many influencers are confidently giving their all to motivate followers to make their dreams come true. Apparently, there are going to be a lot of billionaires on the horizon as soon as they follow the directives to listen to the gong, faithfully repeat the mantra or follow the sage advice of an adorable four-year-old who lisps through a sincere sparkling-eyed delivery of a motivational truism of the day. 

 My career has been in the Human Potential Industry, and many of the new ideas in the 1970s were considered new-age nonsense and a big annoyance to those who worked quietly in the background to assist people in emotional pain to lead productive lives. 

 The methods today point to many innovative, amusing, entertaining, silly answers. Since the birth of so many internet-answer people, I wonder if there is anyone left who is more interested in asking themselves the correct questions that will assist in creating a fulfilling life? 

Let’s imagine that you are dissatisfied with some aspect of your life. You pinpoint the changes you want to make. Next, you need to get the motivation up to make it happen. You secretly have your doubts because you have tried before, maybe many times, and you fell short of reaching your desired goal. 

Now, I want to ask you a few questions. Do you think it is necessary to get serious, map out your plan, make a firm commitment to go for it and take full responsibility to make this happen? Do you feel that this shouldn’t be so hard and that maybe you can lighten up on your grip instead of taking the stance that this is a life-and-death struggle and you need to put a chokehold on yourself and drag yourself to the finish line? Do you wonder if you can use your enthusiasm to allow life to bring this to you as you take the steps towards your goal but allow life to partner with you? 

The deeper question is: Have you developed the discernment to know when it is time to make something happen through your personal effort and when to let go and allow your life situations to unfold exactly as they should? Do you know what your unique rhythm, timing and tempo is? Do you know how to manage your own creative energies so that you can fully participate when action is called for and know when the moment has passed, and it is time to allow your deepest desires to come to you with grace and ease? 

 Imagine that life is actually a walk in the park if it is done well. You find your stride, enjoy your journey and admire the beauty along the way. What if you actually have been misled into thinking that the correct way to walk your walk is to hop on one foot, known as the make it happen leg. Or you have been told that you should stand inert and the path will come to you as long as you earnestly adopt a receptive pose and stand still with open arms waiting for life’s bounty to come to you? Perhaps the real truth is Life wants to dance…with you.

Susan is a local author. She has been writing, producing and facilitating personal development training for over three decades. Her website is beyondintellect.com. 

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