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Routines Unsettled at New Shelter

“Fifteen minutes after being in here every night, I have an overwhelming urge to run down the street screaming. I feel like they’ve accidentally placed me in a mental institution instead of a shelter.” That’s how Michael, a former restaurant and department store manager, feels...

Transitional Housing Expert Joins the Team

Larry Haynes could easily use four more hands and two more of himself. Maybe then he could take a breath. And that’s exactly what Haynes, an expert on homelessness with 20 years experience in Southern California, is suggesting for the uncertain citizens of Laguna Beach. “Number...

Give Them Shelter

The lure to leave the beach? Free food. Described as the city’s most pivotal decision and intended to reclaim the town’s parks and beaches from a growing homeless population, the City Council on Tuesday agreed to set up a mandatory overnight shelter for those without a bed as...



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The Occupy Movement’s Next Target?

Editor: Occupy Treasure Island Park! The privatizers are at it everywhere (“Clash Over Prying Eyes in a Public Park,” July 20) and it’s time to push back. They, the upper 2 -3% of the wealth holders that control about 60% of the nation’s wealth, are working on two fronts: get rid...

Deception by Omission

Editor: As you know, local resident and active community volunteer Gene Felder purchases a weekly advertisement space in your newspaper, in which he regularly communicates his (right-slanted) political views. In this past week’s paper, Mr. Felder published a two-sentence excerpt...

Quashing a Food Critique Reflects on School Leadership

Editor, In response to “Young Food Critic Invokes Backlash” June 29, readers should know this is just another issue where our school district’s leadership should be seriously questioned and challenged. Noah Rosen was spot on with his review of the ...