Park Noise Concerns Ignored



It’s amazing what this City Council and City Hall are doing. The council claims they are waiting for community input before voting on letting the Boys & Girls Club completely take over the meeting room at the south end of Lang Park’s community building and partially take over the “gym,” and yet expensive improvements have been underway for weeks. This is criminal.

Deputy City Manager Ben Siegal scheduled the Lang Park neighborhood meeting to discuss the take over at 5:30 p.m., during the dinner hour, and Deputy Director of Public Works Ken Fischer scheduled a community meeting at the community center in relation to the $50,000 transit study at 5:30 p.m., too.

Some believe the study is being done to dismantle the blue & white Main Line bus service, which serves high school students, workers, seniors and others with valuable, needed routes and stops, but keeps some dedicated drivers working on split part time shifts with no benefits. O.C.T.A. gives Laguna $1 million plus a year for transit. Part of this money should go for bus service. The hotel tax, sales tax, property tax and parking revenue should go for summer and other trolley services.

More than 70 seniors live in the Vista Aliso complex, some within 50 feet of the Lang Park meeting room and they were shunned at a recent meeting regarding the move-in by the club when they suggested noise could be a problem.

The 30-unit so called artist-living apartments with parking for 47 cars in Laguna Canyon is absurd. It will sit right in one of the worst flood plains in Laguna Beach, decimate the neighborhood and as one resident told city manager Pietig, a heavy rain has created a flash flood in the exact area more than once.

This city council is a disaster. I believe the citizens of Laguna are poorly represented, especially by Council member Steve Dicterow. Lagunatics are far more insightful and inventive than this council’s members.

It’s time for a change.

Roger Carter, Laguna Beach

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