Is Parking Garage a Precursor to More Downtown Development?



Thanks to recent articles and commentaries in our local papers we all now know the California Coastal Commission does not require one for one replacement of lost parking spaces. The Coastal Commission instead provides several options to the city that promote alternative modes of transportation such as using mass transit, pedestrian paths and bike lanes.

We all now know that the Coastal Commission, however, would require additional parking for redevelopment. This means there could be plans in the works for increased density in downtown Laguna such as adding second stories on buildings where none now exist.

And we all now know the city has been neither up front nor transparent about the village entrance project and pursuing a $65 million parking garage.

Now that all the cards seem to be on the table, will the city finally be dealing truthfully with its citizens? There’s a workshop being planned by the city to take further public input on the village entrance project.  What does that mean? Will the Council actually listen to what we have to say and act on it or will they dance around the issue and go ahead with a parking structure so that our downtown can be further developed?

I guess we will just have to wait and see if we can trust our local government to do what is in the best interest of its residents and not the developers.

Johanna Felder, Laguna Beach


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