Perturbed Over Jet Exhaust



Maybe no one else in North Laguna, Mystic Hills, Temple Hills and Top of the World has noticed or cares, but the jet traffic over our neighborhoods is steadily increasing along with the noise and air pollution in the form of fine particles of unburned carbon (soot) that spews unseen from the jet’s engines as they pass directly over head above our neighborhoods at under 10,000 feet. The white paint on my home’s wood siding and my white cars are covered with this fine “soot”. That’s the proof that our air is being fouled and we have to breathe it.

This is a major quality of life and health issue to me and it deserves near constant follow up action by our Council and city staff. Recently, we got some lip service by way of a “dog and pony show” presentation by the F.A.A. bureaucrats. The problem was not resolved and the issue seems to have been dropped by our council, which is now almost totally occupied with the massive and expensive village entrance garage project with no seeming concern about this continuing unresolved jet noise and air pollution issue. Let it be known that we are not satisfied with the FAA’s “dog and pony show”.

Won’t somebody please take the lead on this issue and run with it? Only the squeaky wheel gets the grease. Our council cannot be seen to roll over and play dead with the F.A.A. on this issue. Our council must continue to make lots of noise until we get greased, and we must be sure that they do.

Don Knapp, Laguna Beach


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