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Time Traveler Husband

by Mark Crantz
by Mark Crantz

Synchronicity is creepy. The concept first introduced by the analytical psychologist Carl Jung holds that events are meaningful coincidences, if they occur with no causal relationship, yet seem to be meaningfully related. The credit goes to Jung’s wife who got him onto the idea. “Carl, get your head out of your books. Pay attention to me. I won’t be jung for long.” Carl kept reading.   His wife ran off with Freud. Jung had no idea his wife was unhappy. Jung didn’t know Freud at the time. Jung blamed it on synchronicity. Freud blamed it on his mother. Sinchronicity was her maiden name. Creepy.

Well, here’s another item of creepy. I read the Indy article, “Time Travelers Encounter Living History.” All of El Morro’s fourth graders participated in an immersive historical adventure by pretending to travel back in time with personal encounters ranging from Native Americans to explorers, Spanish missionaries to Laguna’s city council. A fourth grade Village Laguna ‘want-to-grow-up-to-be’ harked, “It’s 1992 good citizens of Laguna. It’s high time we get a village entrance. Tourists do not know where to come in.” The city council responds, “Aye. Aye. If we build it, they will come.” Slow forward to the same aged fourth grader still living in his parent’s home says, “It’s 2017 good citizens of Laguna. It’s high time we get a village entrance.” The same city council responds, “Aye. Aye. If we build it, they will come.”   The tourists come and ask, “What, a village entrance? We wanted a ball field.” Synchronicity. Creepy.

And the same day I read this Indy article I watched the TV movie, “The Time Traveler’s Wife.” This movie is about a guy with a genetic disorder who can’t stay in the same place in time. He moves forward and backwards without any control and pops out of one place in time to another. Interestingly, his clothes do not have this genetic disorder and always remain in place in time. That’s where the retail expression, “Clothes make the man.” Unfortunately, this poor guy never heard this retail pearl of wisdom. He was nude always in the time jumps and spends his life looking for his clothes. Today, as synchronicity would have it, Amazon is selling all the clothes and other retailers are asking, “Where did our customers jump to? Are they nude? Our survival depends on finding them.” Synchronicity. Creepy.

My wife wishes I was a time traveler husband. When I say, “Honey, I’m feeling amorous.” My wife says back, “Okay then. Good time to jump. I’ll launder your clothes while your gone.”

What did we learn from this article? Carl Jung’s wife learned to jump to another psychologist. El Morro’s fourth graders learned that time jumps make no difference in building a village entrance. I learned clothes make the man. Oops, I’m having another uncontrollable jump. Call Amazon and deliver medium male sized clothes to Dana Point’s village entrance. They built it and I will come. Synchronicity. Creepy.


Crantz’ wife has taken over parental control over the TV. He is only allowed to watch the Disney channel. A place where time stands still and everyone feels young and safe.


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  1. Mr. Crantz: Your article is a lame attempt at spoofing synchronicity. Archie Bunker’s trade-mark, uninformed, knee-jerk, reactionary bigotry comes to mind. “Creepy” is in your own head.

    Study synchronicity more thoroughly and more seriously; if you apply yourself, it can enrich your life. No doubt, you know how to research “synchronicity”, so no references are needed here.

    My happening upon your article and happening to write to point you in a more thoughtful and more fruitful direction, that’s SYNCHRONICITY.

    If you do nothing, you will be the self-inflicted victim of a Missed Opportunity.



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