Plan Obstructs Rather Than Encourages Granny Flats



The City Council will be considering an ordinance regarding the restriction/regulation of Accessory Dwelling Units (ADU’s) sometimes referred to as “granny units” on May 9. This ordinance pretty much squelches any plan to add living quarters for a multitude of residents.  This is just sad.

It is like a kick in the stomach to residents who may have thought that someday they would be able to build a “granny flat” for their aging Mom or Dad or even a caregiver for themselves.

It dissolves any hope that a resident could build some living quarters for their adult children who are trying to save for a home someday or who have recently graduated and cannot afford to pay the astronomical going rental rates in the OC.

Instead of embracing a solution to the housing crisis and finding ways to make this work, the city’s proposal does its level best to obstruct or totally restrict an affordable solution. Its basic intent is …. let them move somewhere else!

It puts a damper on any hopes of promoting a student housing option for LCAD, which is desperately seeking options for students, many of whom are commuting from the Inland Empire due to lack of affordable student housing.

There are so many legally questionable restrictions in the proposed ordinance.  It appears that using and hiding under the guise of “impaired access” is the only road they can take to maximize the restrictions on ADU’s and they have chosen that path.

There must be some opportunity for compromise on this.  Is an on-site parking requirement the answer? Legal shield or waiver of liability? Mitigation agreement? There has to be a way to figure this out…there are a lot of intelligent people in this city.

Kristine Thalman, Laguna Beach

The author is president of Laguna Beach Seniors.


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