Police Checkpoints Are A Waste



Police say that checkpoints are an effective deterrence to drunk and drugged driving. Of course they do, especially when the embarrassing lack of evidence doesn’t show it. I say checkpoints are a waste of taxpayer money and a police union ploy to pad the already fat paychecks of the police officers. But nobody’s quoting me.

Why is it that at least 1,658 people are illegally detained and questioned (I really don’t care how courts have ruled because our constitution states the courts are not to be making law, but that’s an entirely different discussion), nothing is gained, and we don’t care?

Meanwhile, our streets are crawling with people whose identities we cannot be sure of and who have no legal right being in our country and they cannot be questioned or stopped without due cause. Does this sound like tyranny? Does anyone care? Oh. Never mind, I just got a text. It’s the cutest picture of a puppy in its water dish. How cute!


Michael Rybah, Laguna Beach

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