Poll Questions Should Include Tax Consequences

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Hello Good Folks at the Indy. Just a comment on your recent This Week’s Poll.

It was most interesting and a very good way to collect input from everyday citizens. However, there were two items that maybe should have been spelled out a bit more clearly for those who responded. The items: Should the city create structures in the village entrance for the performing and visual arts as voiced in Vision 2030? And, Would you support closing Forest Avenue, Beach and Second Streets to cars to create a walking downtown if peripheral parking areas were expanded to compensate for lost street spaces?

Both of these particular statements may increase taxation and a burden to property owners. It would seem best to include in both of these statements something to the affect, “Would you be willing to have your taxes increased to accomplish this potential project?”

It seems that asking for many what appear to be quality projects may often add to the tax base burden unknowingly for many property owners without some necessary up front disclosure about costs before folks cast a vote in this and any poll.

Many thanks and I remain a loyal Indy reader.


Jim Gothard, Laguna Beach

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