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All veteran organizations exist to support our Constitution, serve other veterans, the VA hospitals, the active military, and our youth and community.

The veterans in the Laguna Beach American Legion Post 222 are the ones who put up the flags around town on patriotic holidays and perform a myriad of other services for veterans and youth programs.

However, time has taken a toll on performing many of the Post activities as those who served in WWII and Korea are becoming incapacitated or have already passed on to Post Everlasting. Some, but too few, of those who served during  Vietnam and the on-going war on terrorists, for one reason or another, have not opted to continue their service to the country and community by taking an active roll in the American Legion.

This is understandable with the pressures of earning a living and raising a family takes precedence over being involved in the Legion. Also the pool of eligible veterans has dramatically diminished since WWII where millions of young Americans served in the military versus today’s wars where a far lower percentage of people serve.  The net result is that all the veteran organizations are losing the capability to properly support all the patriotic and veteran serving programs in which they are involved.

So what is the solution to this growing problem?  Basically, with a smaller pool of veterans to draw from, we need a much higher percentage of eligible veterans to join the Legion now. Therefore, I am asking every veteran and person on active duty, young or old, that lives in or near Laguna Beach to join up and continue your service to your country, comrades, and community.

And, for as many as possible to join us in some of our activities and attend as many of monthly meeting as possible. Our women’s Legion Auxiliary will also welcome all eligible women to join them.  Any woman whose parent, grandparent, husband, child, or sibling served or is serving is eligible and encouraged to join the Auxiliary.

Need to know more?  Contact me at 494-2065 or email [email protected]. PS: Watch for us as we once again lead Laguna’s Patriots Day Parade proudly showing our country’s colors.


Dave Connell, Vice Commander, American Legion Post 222, Laguna Beach

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