Praise for ‘Wisdom Workout’




Earlier this week as I was searching for misplaced season passes for the Sawdust Festival, I came across two articles I’d saved from the LB Indy by Susan McNeal Velasquez.  I re-read them and their message struck a cord with what is going on in my life these days.  It seems I haven’t seen a Wisdom Workout column in ages.

I look for it every time I read the LB Indy and much to my disappointment, it seems to have gone missing. The “Wisdom Workout” column was one that I looked forward to and always either learned something that I could apply to stuff going on in my life, or I was reminded about a philosophy or practice that I’d forgotten.

Given the crazy state of this world today, I think many people could use, and would appreciate the tools that “Wisdom Workout” gives to instigate personal growth as well as learning to cope with stressful situations.  When will I see her column again?


Pamela K. Knudsen, Laguna Beach

Editor’s Note: The column ran in the Dec. 11 edition.

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