More Precautions Needed to Avert Another Disaster



A walk up on the Carolyn Wood Knoll and out on the West Ridge Trail this morning revealed that the threat of a wildfire is still a harsh reality.  Cigarette butts strewn about the area provide ample evidence that the problem of smoking in the wilderness areas persists. It seems it is only a matter of time before a disaster befalls the community.

The following are suggestions gleaned from conversations with local park visitors:

Post No Parking from dusk to dawn at the end of Alta Laguna Blvd and lock down the Alta Laguna Park parking lot for the same hours.  The chains are there and it was done in the past.

Since there is some evidence that social media has been used to broadcast the Knoll as a place to go…use that same media to alert potential visitors to the consequences of entering the park after hours.

Lessen the attractiveness of the site by erecting a fence around the perimeter of the Knoll.  There once was such a barrier when the Knoll was first put in place.

Increase the presence of police and fire personnel on and around the Knoll during the evening hours, especially on weekends and definitely during Santa Ana wind conditions.

Hoping nothing will happen just won’t do.  It’s time to pull out all stops to avert a true disaster.  The cost of implementing extraordinary measures will be nothing when compared to the consequences of a devastating wildfire.

More must be done!

Jerry King, Laguna Beach

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