Criticism Should Focus on Commercial Industry not Recreational Anglers



Re: Sandy Dildine’s letter stating disappointment that people who fish are excited that some bluefin and other game fish are visiting the coast of California.

I don’t know, and don’t really care, what excites Sandy or what Sandy eats, but if I did know I would not criticize it unless it was hurting other humans.

Sandy should realize that bluefin tuna, like many other special game fish, are rare visitors to offshore California and provide both great sport fishing and eating to the few that are lucky enough to hook and land one.

I don’t know why Sandy singled out Dana Wharf Sport Fishing for a rant but every sport fishing landing from Long Beach to San Diego sends out boats with eager fishing folks to try their luck for a variety of fish. These people create a lot of jobs and spend a lot money to try and get a hook-up and bring home a fish.

The small amount of fish, especially bluefin tuna, that sport fishermen take is minuscule compared to the what the commercial boats catch to provide food for people.

May I suggest Sandy take the fight to the commercial fishing industry even though they are already so regulated that few remain in this country.

Dave Connell, Laguna Beach

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