Reader Questions Renting Use of Pool, Track



The City Council and school board need to hold an emergency joint meeting over increasing congestion and inappropriate use at the community pool and high school track. The pool is being inundated by non-residents who fill up both the lanes at the pool and the scarce parking spaces around the high school. The easy fix: Do what other community pools do in the area, charge a (much) higher daily rate for non-residents and don’t sell discounted annual passes to non-residents.

Laguna pool users are also increasingly squeezed by non-resident water polo club activities on weekends. The pool is often closed entirely.  This is just wrong. There should be no such activities, particularly on Sundays, so working taxpayers in Laguna can relax.

As for the track, the school board closed it during the week to residents under pressure from an over-aggressive high school principal, who promptly moved on to another district.  Now, the school board is renting the track out on weekends as well while professional “coaches” are using our facility to train athletes on weekends against the rules.

The board should rescind its weekday ban so Laguna residents and taxpayers can resume use of the track. Senior citizens have been particularly impacted.  There should be no renting out of the track on Sundays.

The City Council and school board need to deal with a problem that is getting worse and is easily fixed.  Let’s get on it.


Peter Navarro, Laguna Beach

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  1. In terms of community pool use. My relatives live behind the pool and whenever I visit the States – and Laguna – I always get in my lap time. I must be one lucky swimmer, as I have never had it crowded. I think only once in the last 5 years have I had to share a lane. I would prefer a 50 meter pool instead of LB’s 25 yard pool, but the pool is wonderful nonetheless.


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