Readers Invited to Help Children in Cambodia



I was thrilled with the article on the new Laguna Beach Friendship School (July 31 edition.)

If anyone wants to contribute, they can do so through the Rescue Task Force Website using the notation “Cambodia Schools.” $50 buys a bicycle, $170 sponsors a child who would otherwise drop out of school, for three years through middle school. We would like sponsors to know about the individual child they sponsor, and to do this it would be best to contact me directly. [email protected].

I’m also glad to talk to you about anything else relating to the new school and the children. I really hope for this to be a true “friendship school.” If you’d like to befriend a child in Cambodia, please contact me.  Without your help, their education ends at grade 6 and they begin a lifetime of manual labor or sweatshop labor.

Stan Frymann, Laguna Beach

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