Recipient Still Aglow Over Award

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This letter was addressed to the Arts Alliance.

Thank you so much for the wonderful award you gave me on April 12! No award could have meant more to me than “Lifelong Achievement in the Arts” because it included my whole life. And my whole life has been dedicated to serving music of every sort and art and its organizations in town. I am so truly grateful!

From the time I moved to Laguna in 1991 until the present time you have had so many things I could involve myself with that the journey was inspired all the way. I retired from music teaching to a life filled with music and the arts encompassing my entire being. Laguna Beach enabled this to happen and nowhere else could I have had such a fulfilling dream come true.

So I will look at my gorgeous trophy, sing the songs in my heart, play the piano when needed, and keep my French horn tuned up and ready for Tuesday night rehearsal and thank all of you that made my joy possible.

With sincere thanks and an apology for having this being so late. I was fighting a cold on awards night and it is just now going away. Too much excitement I think and well worth it!

Carol Reynolds, Laguna Beach

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