Reply from City to ACLU Lawsuit: No Deal


The City of Laguna Beach responded forcefully to the ACLU’s filed August lawsuit on behalf of the homeless population of the city. Prepared by the City Attorney, Phillip Kohn, the 20 page rejoinder attacked the fundamental nature of the complaint; the lack of efforts taken by the city to accommodate the area’s homeless population, and the alleged civil liberties violations of Laguna’s homeless by the city police department.

“Each year, the City of Laguna Beach spends substantial funds for the operation of a year-round homeless shelter, unmatched by and far exceeding any other municipality in the County of Orange for that purpose,” the complaint indicated. “After initially investing $325,000 to create the facility, the City of Laguna Beach expends approximately $350,000 a year to operate the Alternative Sleeping Location (the “ASL”).”

On the matter of the police impinging the plaintiff’s civil liberties, the city’s response was equally declarative in its denials. “Given its extensive and ongoing efforts to provide services to homeless individuals within its community – efforts that go far beyond those of other cities within Orange County – the City of Laguna Beach denies any and every claim by Plaintiffs that the City has in any way violated their statutory and constitutional rights,” the complaint noted.

In summary, the city asked the United States District Court-Central District of California, Southern Division, for judgement for Laguna Beach, and that relief be denied to the Plaintiffs.


  1. Bravo to the City of Laguna Beach for addressing this frivilous lawsuit head on. It is about time we stood up for ourselves and stopped being bullied.


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