Response to A Republican Speaks for Left of Center


It’s a shame that Jean Ardell cannot write her own column, especially since her husband Dan is the only one to take her place. As to Ardell’s defense of his change to a left-wing Democrat, I can only feel sorrow for his choice.

Using his own words, let’s change them to his new leaders:  The Democrats have become the cult of Joe Biden. They stand for, among many other things: illegal immigration, unequal application of the law (just think Hunter Biden, Clapper and Brennan), high inflation, depletion of our energy sources, denigration of our history and its destruction, application of Critical Race Theory to our schools (soon to be applied to the Laguna Beach Unified School District), continual lies and denials in the American press (think Russian collusion), and so the list goes on and on.

As to Harley Rouda, Ardell might have considered that a Republican, who then turned Democrat to win an election, might have little or no moral compass. And good for Rep. Michelle Steel’s ideology. In history, it’s called standing up for your flag and country and constitution. That’s something the Democratic Party might try to learn about before criticizing others.

So I congratulate Ardell on becoming a full-fledged Democrat and honor his ability to do so.  However, he might think again before defining himself as a good man considering the platform on which he now stands.

Leonard Olds, Laguna Beach

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  1. LOL !!!
    You lost any rational folks with “the cult of Biden”…Nothing transparent about your talking points or where they come from…It’s beyond obvious which Orange cult you belong to…

  2. By ‘Denigration of our history and it’s Destruction” are you referring to the Genocide of Native Americans, or Slavery of Africans as property, or perhaps memorials of Confederate seditionists that glorified that slavery and were built partly to intimidate African Americans? Just wondering which of these you support and why?

  3. Spewing all of the right-wing jargon straight from Fox commentators is sadly characteristic of what today constitutes “conservative” politics, which is not at all conservative but extreme and radical. This kind of thinking will lead to the downfall of our democratic way of life….no room for compromise..all in on hate. Shame on you.


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