Letter: Laguna Forward Article


To the Indy and detractors

We at Laguna Forward decided to create a new name, thank you for the advertising and the fair reporting in regards to our new identity.

We will be working across the board with people who know that the city needs to move forward in planning for the complexities of the coming years. There has not been a secondary voice in the political arena in Laguna Beach in many years and we are constantly approached by constituents thanking us for bearing the “heat” of the old guard trying to shout down any opposition to the status quo.

I will respond to MJ Anderson and Ann Caenn. We have reached across the aisle.

I personally reached out to Village Laguna during election season to try become joint sponsors for one of the candidate forums. No response. MJ has attended a meeting of Liberate Laguna, at our request. 

So where is the lack of transparency? 

My other response to Caenn is that Village Laguna hasn’t had an original idea since the 1970’s. The fact that there has been no help from Village Laguna in solving 20th century issues is totally predictable. So please throw bricks if you must. Make statements out of fear. 

Fear of change? Fear of timing out using the same worn out ideas? But you might want to move out of your glass houses before you take that toss.


Cindy Shopoff, Laguna Beach

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