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Verna. Verna Verna Verna Verna. And someone else for city council. I don’t know who yet. There are so many running who are willing to trade away the city’s legacy for a few pieces of gold. But relinquish my other council vote in order to give a slight edge to Verna? No.

In the national races I’m praying for Warren and McCaskill (how can Claire still be neck and neck with that pencil-neck? Unbelievable!) And then for prexy I am voting against the mean guy. Romney would probably make a better president than Shrub did. That’s not saying much. Bush was the worst US president in history.

But for all his faults Shrub wasn’t a mean-spirited guy. Romney is mean. Yes, he is dismissive, grasping, greedy, evasive and entitled, but I could live with that. None of those “qualities” are uncommon in the halls of power.  But he has one of the worst cases of “pretend empathy” we have ever seen. What I can’t live with is a guy who “likes firing people,” who will mistreat a dog without a second thought, whose idea of a good time is hazing gays, a guy for whom the pissing contest of politics is a pervasive reason for getting up in the morning. You can see the same dynamic in the guy’s wife and even in their kids. They haven’t even tried to hide it.

Obama doesn’t have a mean bone in his body and for that reason above all he has my vote. Additionally, he’s a brilliant, careful, thoughtful man who does his best work without giving a thought (outside the campaign season, anyway) to who gets the credit.

Vote Obama/Biden on or before Nov. 6.


Jim Rue, Laguna Beach

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