Safety Ideas Wanted for Canyon Road



How many of us have parked on the north side of Laguna Canyon Road and crossed over to attend the Sawdust Festival despite signs warning us not to do so?

So why do we make this perilous decision, especially at night? Because the nearest pedestrian walkway is waaaay too far!! Surely we can think of other ways to safely cross. For example, another lighted walkway or pedestrian bridge or tunnel directly opposite the Sawdust that would take us right there.

I would be interested in hearing about alternative ways to safely cross LCR. Let’s not wait for a fatality to consider this issue.


Karen Sciortino, Laguna Beach

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  1. Dear Karen, the issue you raise is a reflection of our car-centric culture. Our streets have become so optimized for motorized travel they are no longer safe for pedestrians, cyclists, and other forms of non-motorized travel. If we encounter inconvenience on the street, our culture expects technological innovation to remove the inconvenience. Pedestrian tunnels or overpasses could be built but doing so every 100 yards is expensive. If instead we choose another mode of transportation appropriate for the distance travelled, we still reach our destination and avoid the inconvenience. For an illustration of this choice, see the chart at Laguna Streets.


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