School District Reneges on its Pledge



Our school board is at it again, revising history and ignoring commitments made to the community.

I sat on the “oversight committee” during the taxpayer subsidized rebuilding of the high school, when they promised that residents could use the track for walking and jogging and the Artists’ Theatre would be shared with the community. Now they have the magnificent school and are reneging on their promises.

They tried to keep the residents from using the track, said it was dangerous to the students to have the people that paid the bill use the track instead of protecting the children from drugs, alcohol and partying. The Artists’ Theatre is not available for public use and now they want to keep the public from using the pool.

Instead of cutting the 10-year agreement to five years they should extend it to perpetuity along with the track and theater.

I hope that future residents remember next time the board comes hat in hand and say “no,” to anymore taxes or bonds.

Martha Lydick, Laguna Beach



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