Sculptor Cheryl Ekstrom Dies


Longtime Laguna Beach artist and sculptor Cheryl Ekstrom died

unexpectedly last weekend.

Friends say she was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this year. In April, Ekstrom dazzled the local art community at the annual Art Star awards with her latest work, “Setting Forth.” It combined her talent for juxtaposing objects and infusing them with meaning. For the installation, Ekstrom created a small fleet of sculptural boats, each a testimonial to journeys by different cultures from different eras.

Ekstrom at work in her studio.
Ekstrom at work in her studio.

Now, that work somehow seems prophetic … with the artist only weeks later casting off on her own final journey.

A celebration of Ekstrom’s life is planned in her former Laguna Beach studio, 2135 Laguna Canyon Road, a week from Sunday, on June 28, from 6 to 9 p.m.

Friend and artist Sandra Jones Campbell hopes to assemble some of Ekstrom’s work, including the boats created for Laguna Beach’s Art Star awards in April.



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  1. Just heard…I’ve known Cheryl from years ago..lost track .. ran into one another when I moved to Laguna. This is unexpected sad News.

  2. So sad….Cheryl was such a wonderful artist/sculptor and amazing person. She will be missed so much. Cheryl’s legacy lives on and I will think about her and her contributions every time I pass by her sculpture on Broadway. RIP to such a wonderfully beautiful person!

  3. Cheryl became a great artist who I graduated with her in PA. It’s hard go believe she is gone since she was so active and young in looks and heart. She will be greatly missed. Pauline

  4. Cheryl and I grew up near each other. I don’t remember the first time we met. We did not go to the same elementary school, but I do remember her when we both were in the lower grades in school. I have so many wonderful memories of her at church, school, etc. The last time I saw her was at our high school 50th class reunion where we had a nice time talking to each other. Cheryl was always full of life and easily could pass for one much younger than she was. She was very talented and she will me missed by all who knew her. She gave all beautiful memories.

  5. I just found out about this. She was my sister in law for many years, and we kept in touch, but not often enough. She was talented, beautiful and I am incredibly saddened by this.

  6. What can I say that hasn’t been said. I knew her briefly yet we often joked as we’d known one another before. The journey, always private, a very measured yet surreal one. A lovely woman who I feel was the first true artist I’d been privileged to spend time with. I learned to see things in this world a different way. I’ll be forever grateful.


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