Shop and Save: How Temu is Making Back-to-School Shopping a Breeze



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As the back-to-school season gears up, it’s that time of year when parents and students alike start preparing for the annual shopping ritual. And right at the heart of this yearly tradition, there’s Temu, a Boston-based e-commerce platform that’s helping families get fully prepared for the new school year with wallet-friendly supplies, gear and fashion.

When you’re trying to juggle stationery, backpacks, lunchboxes, and other school necessities, things can get chaotic pretty quickly. With Temu’s “Similar Items” feature on product pages, you can check out prices of related items, discover variants in different sizes or colors, and find cool, unique school supplies that make returning to the classroom all the more fun.

Temu has curated a back-to-school shopping campaign on its platforms to help shoppers score flash sales, season-specific promotions, and lightning deals. Temu’s curated guides take the front page on its website and mobile app so you have back-to-school categories right at your fingertips once you visit. To sort through the massive inventory list within those categories, a helpful option is the “Top Sales” filter which will show current best sellers so you’re in the loop about trendy items other families are grabbing.

Scoring Deals with Temu’s Back-to-School Campaign

The National Retail Federation says last year, the average household spent $864 on back-to-school purchases and that the highest cost categories typically included clothing, accessories, calculators, shoes and stationery supplies. Items that Temu offers for a fraction of the cost. From scientific calculators, to insulated lunch bags and themed backpacks, Temu has those available at prices that are often at least 50% lower than competitors.

Along with back-to-school sales and promotions, Temu has a generous price adjustment policy. If the price of your recent purchase drops within 30 days, Temu will refund the difference and there’s no change to the delivery schedule for that order.

One child’s backpack that was bought by more than 4,500 shoppers has been praised for its internal storage that has separate pockets for a laptop, cell phone and tablet device, waterproof material, an external side pocket for a mini-umbrella or drink, multiple front storage pockets including a see-through zipper and side release buckle compartment, and customizable badges, pom-poms and clip-on toys so kids can decorate their backpack.

“Amazing lightweight bag, with a sturdy and water-resistant fabric. I love the hidden zip pocket at the back. There is a sleeve for your laptop or tablet and other items. it has lots of clip-ons that can secure your items,” wrote one shopper. “I love the many cute items it comes with. Every kindergartener will covet the bag.”

There are also desk essentials that consumers will love to see.

In the middle of all the back-to-school frenzy, the last thing you need is the added pressure of dealing with stressful returns. That’s why Temu has put in place a stress-free, 90-day return policy.

With one of the most generous return windows in the industry, you’re allowed the breathing room you need to sort out your returns on your schedule. For back-to-school shopping, it helps parents easily switch out items when kids change their minds about their themed backpack or lunchbox once they mingle with their classmates.

With a shopping experience that’s thoughtfully tailored to the back-to-school season, and a suite of features designed to make life easier, Temu makes your annual school shopping adventure easier on you and your wallet.

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