Show Courtesy to Neighbors and Vendors



The recent large crane accident gave me something to think about. What is the responsibility of the homeowner in terms of preventing or mitigating such happenings?  Nobody was prepared, nobody was aware and many people seriously inconvenienced for 30 hours either in their home or they were not able to get into their homes. The owner of the crane might have chosen a smaller crane or had an extra helper or maybe a more experienced driver with this delivery. This is not the first time we have had such types of accidents where oversized vehicles have created traffic hazards, the cement truck that overturned on Bluebird Canyon Drive is one.  Perhaps if the homeowner discussed delivery issues with the vendor, with the delivery people, and warned neighbors could this have ended differently.

We know that our streets are narrow, have steep inclines or go downhill with sharp turns. We know which streets are dead ends and if there are driveways to turn vehicles around. With this in mind I offer some suggestions:

Let delivery service companies such as those that deliver appliances, tree trimmers/landscapers, moving companies and other such business know when it is trash day on your street. I have seen trash truck drivers perplexed when they see these large vehicles blocking parts of streets.

Inform these folks about your street; brake failures are common. Be considerate and let these business know what they will encounter so that they can be prepared as many have deadlines by which they are expected to deliver goods and provide services.

Be nice and let as many people (preferably on both sides of street and for at least 10 houses on either side of you) on your street know if you are having a large vehicle potentially blocking part of the street.  By coordinating this type of activity you can mitigate having unfriendly encounters especially if one or more different types of large trucks will be using the street at the same time. By contacting your neighbors, they can make arrangements to move their cars out of their garage or driveway ahead of time, rearrange time or date of delivery or work they want to do and the service people would not be expected to stop their work and move their vehicles out of the way.

It is all about common courtesy, thinking ahead, and being a good neighbor.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach


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