Stay the Course on Entrance



(This letter was also addressed to the City Council.)

I am sorry I cannot attend the meeting tonight but wanted to give you my thoughts on the village entrance.

First, thank you for your leadership. I know it is painful but please stay the course. Laguna Beach elected many of you on a campaign promise of getting this done. I for one think the city will benefit tremendously from increased parking downtown, creek enhancement / restoration, and a beautiful pedestrian park between the village and the festivals. The addition of the park will also serve as a more beautiful village entrance….. a big improvement over our current strip parking lot.

I personally am appalled by the conduct of some against this project.  I resent the misleading signs quoting $65 million, which is not true. I resent them passing out pamphlets at the Farmer’s Market or Music in the Park…… In my opinion, this is completely inappropriate.   And mostly, I resent their inability to wait and consider the proposal (Oct. 1) before jumping on a bandwagon against all aspects of the project.

Our town has agreed for years we need more parking; it has been identified as our biggest problem for as long as I have been around.  I agree with those who want more parking in outlying lots and those who want additional bus / trolley service.  But, we also need more parking downtown for residents (and visitors). Many of us who are residents limit our downtown trips during the summer and during most weekends to the morning hours.  I know I can find parking downtown before noon and so I limit my trips to that time. What a shame and a lost opportunity for local businesses and nonprofits!!

Leadership is painful and the village entrance is certainly proving that point.  But, city councils and city staff over the years have persevered and delivered Main Beach, our Greenbelt, Montage and Treasure Island Park, senior-community center, Bluebird slide relief, Laguna canyon flood and fire relief, Crescent Bay Park, Heisler Park and all the rest of our parks (not in any particular order).

I am very impressed with the leadership in Laguna Beach and completely appreciate your service.  Hang in there.

Thank you,

Mary Ferguson, Laguna Beach



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