Support for Ban on All Steep Streets




Whilst I support, in principal, the American ideals of freedom of expression and freedom to pursue one’s own happiness, as a resident of the Park, Temple Hills, Skyline neighborhood, I support a speedboarding ban on those streets.


Both while driving my car and whilst going for a run on those streets, I’ve encountered speedboarders who are marginally out of control. I define “marginally out of control” as travelling, probably 30-40 miles an hour and being carried, by momentum, into lanes of on-coming traffic.


Fortunately, in the cases I witnessed, there were no cars coming in the on-coming lanes and as a result no accident nor injury.  However, I would suggest were the practice to continue, it would only be a matter of time. My concern is for the speedboarders themselves, but also for pedestrians or drivers of vehicles that may be involved in mishaps, whose lives would be indefinitely affected.


With the understanding that a ban on certain streets would effectively increase the concentration of speedboarders on the remaining, un-banned streets, I would support a ban in all steep, Laguna Beach streets.


I thank you for your kind consideration.


Ulrike Zugelder, Laguna Beach

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