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I am disappointed that Mr. Vanderveen would critique a meeting that he has not even attended (Local Currents, “Tennis Courts and House Parties,” Feb. 3). I don’t believe his summary of the meeting to be factual. It comes secondhand to him.

I am sure there are many facets to the meeting that were not described in his column. I have had a great many experiences with our school board and superintendent. I find them to be thoughtful and thorough in their decision making for the students of Laguna Beach. I believe they put the students needs first.

They must also consider being good neighbors to residences around all of the school properties, including the tennis courts. I have faith that the school board, superintendent and city officials will come to a reasonable decision on the tennis courts and maintenance. The meeting was probably just a beginning to appropriate negotiations on shared interest.

I think Mr. Vanderveen’s column hopped all over, comparing tennis courts needing repair to a police state. He lost me.

Peggy Wolff, Laguna Beach


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