School Emergency


By Richard Halle

How’s school?


I don’t like it anymore.

I get picked on.

A couple of boys who are popular

Make fun of me, then everybody laughs.


I know what’s going to happen.

Pretty soon everyone will think it’s O.K. to

Make fun of me, probably even the teachers.


Then I won’t have any friends and

My life will be ruined.

I won’t be able to go to college

So I can’t get a good job.

I’ll have to marry some boy

Who will make fun of me too and won’t be able to love me.


What did your brother suggest?

Mark said to slap the…heck out of one or both of them.


Not very sound advice although appealing as a concept.


Do you have any ideas Grampa?


No. You’ll always be confronted by people like this.

It’s an unfortunate part of life.

Of course, if you maintain your dignity and integrity

The taunts will have no effect on your character or your future.


If you find yourself in private with one of your persecutors

You could just quietly tell him his actions hurt you and

Ask him to change the way he acts.


You know it could be that one of these boys just likes you,

And doesn’t know how to express those feelings.


Oh Grampa I hope so. I think it’s Paul!


Grampa Grant is Richard Hille a long time Laguna Beach resident with three Grandchildren.

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