Term Limits May Stop Cronyism



As is now the norm across the country and maybe the world, those aspiring to get into politics and those who want to stay in politics, all stops are pulled and political battles escalates. Our small town is no different it seems.

I would like to suggest to the City Council and residents of our town to back me up by putting into place term limits of let’s say three terms for City Council members.

During term one, the new member would learn the ropes and create effective teamwork. Second term, if re-elected, the member can gather momentum to make positive changes in how the city is run to keep up with the times (such as banning plastic bags) and review or revise existing ordinances that are not or were not effective (View Preservation).  The last term could be used to finish any items left on their agenda for their vision and leave gracefully.

This might stop some of the cronyism, nepotism, and any other ism’s I fail to mention.

In the past this city was fraught with candidates who took money from such groups such as Village Laguna, which claims on their website that they are now a mutual benefit corporation while on record with State of California as a political action committee. And their members who volunteer for many committees to ensure that their members get a “fair” deal as is promised by their mutual benefit corporation. There are other groups who also may be guilty of this type of activity but may be more subtle in their approach.  Relationships built with city staff – elected or not – by non-city staff often had the appearance of something more.  When money crosses hands there is often a sense of obligation – or so it seems.

Any staff members who had a direct link to city council for salaries, benefits, etc., would also be free of having to provide quid pro quo in one form or another.

Ganka Brown, Laguna Beach

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