Incumbent is Unencumbered by Job Responsibilities



The real story as to why Elizabeth Pearson isn’t running for City Council this election year has nothing to do with dignity, or being a class act as Howard Hills says in his letter to the editor (Aug. 5) but has everything to do with a condition of her employment with the Pacific Chorale.   She was hired on the condition she would not run for City Council in 2014. Without that condition you can be sure Elizabeth Pearson would have been running for a fourth term to complete her vision of Laguna, which had included a 670-car parking structure in the village entrance putting the city in overwhelming debt. (Fortunately, that project was rejected by the citizens of Laguna Beach.)

Toni Iseman has no such restrictions. In fact, Toni is not only energetic and dedicated she is retired and not encumbered by other commitments. Toni wants to see the fruition of the many projects she has been involved it. Here are just a few projects Toni would like to see completed: spearheaded the free trolleys and wants to see that program expanded; a well planned village entrance project without the $65 million parking structure; increase the availability of outside downtown visitor parking; making Laguna Canyon road safer and more bike and pedestrian friendly; and using creative ways to alleviate gridlock downtown. Toni initiated the use of police cadets to direct traffic during peak traffic periods.

Vote for Toni and give her the opportunity to complete these and other projects she has worked so hard on within Laguna.

Johanna Felder, Laguna Beach

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