Thoughtless Dog Owners Spoil a Public Park



Taking a walk on an otherwise neat and clean Main Beach and Heisler Park, one notices dog poo at every few steps left by irresponsible dog owners who go for very early morning walks and never pick up after their pet.

In Heisler Park kids play and roll over on grassy knolls unaware of this underlying filth. Some guys even take their dog into water for a swim. The other day, a dog owner let his dog defecate on my lawn while I was watching. His excuse? He had no plastic bag!

I am wondering what the readers think of all this.

Don’t we deserve a clean beach and park where one does not have to tip-toe around dog excreta, where children and adults can play without fear?

And the big question, should the dogs be banned from these places?

Our beaches and parks could be so much cleaner.

Om Prakash, Laguna Beach

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