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Village Matters

Formulas Don’t Fit Laguna “It will ruin the views of the hills from the parking lot,” my friend said when he saw the stakes outlining the new roofs and walls at the Aliso Creek shopping center (CVS and Albertson’s.) A management company in Baltimore has decided that what our...

Taking Stock

Japan’s Tragedies and the Market The tragic earthquake damage in Japan continues to dominate the news. While this has an impact on our stock investments, the higher priority is to assist with the human needs. The market has been good to us over the past couple of years and...

Hot Dish

Maro Works Wonders Over a Wood Grill With open arms and a grateful palate, I extend a gracious welcome to my new neighbors Mariano and Patricia Molteni, chef-owners of Maro Wood Grill on Coast Highway. Along with sister, Fiore, and the creativity of executive chef Debra Sims,...
Posted On 17 Mar 2011

Musings From the Coast

The Autumn by My Discontent Spring is in the air. I can feel it.  Things are looking up.  But I cannot get with it.  I’m not there, not yet. I’m still stuck in a time warp dating back to the fall of 2009, 18 months ago. Then, on Sept. 2, the ocean temperature was an unheard of 78...

McWeather or Not

The week in review! Southern Calif was as spared from any tsunami action, but north of Point Conception it was a different story. Santa Cruz Harbor Crescent City up by the Oregon border had damage. If you’ll recall, Crescent City really took a beating from the Good Friday in...

Wisdom Workout

Rock-a-bye Ladies I met a delightful couple, Gary and Dee, at the last Laguna Canyon Conservancy meeting. During dinner, Dee exuberantly shared about a collaborative program between Assistance League of Laguna Beach and the Intervention Center for Early Childhood. This free...