Tree Supporters Remain Rooted



May I extend a heartfelt thanks to all of you who fought so hard for the survival of the 11 historic trees in Bluebird Canyon. Thank you for your letters of support, your e-mails, your calls, your rushed speeches last Tuesday, and your warmth.

Reluctantly, the council’s decision to remove these trees was made long before our October meeting.

But even though we lost this first battle, we kept the moral high ground. We didn’t stoop to name-calling or flag waving or fear mongering or vote stuffing.  We were fair minded and true to our concerns about Mother Nature. The “loggers” however, were loud, and loose with their facts, but they had “marketed” well.  And on that warm Tuesday evening last week, the other side prevailed, primarily because their timing was good.  Fire season, the winds, the liabilities, the elections – a good mix.

For those of you that watched from the sidelines, please be mindful that this will not be the end of their deforestation attempts. And the fact that most of them would rather live somewhere else doesn’t change the path they’re on.

I’m certain our opponents care deeply about preserving our memories: To be the one that pulls that sepia photograph out, years from now, and points to the neutered hills surrounding downtown Laguna and proudly exclaim, “I did that,” is heady stuff.

Small minds and modest successes are potent fuels when there are still trees to cut.


Mace Morse, Laguna Beach

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