Unified Council Can Tackle a Sustainable Water Supply



Is this is the leadership team we’ve been waiting for?

Kudos Governor Brown for making everyone aware that California is in a deep drought with no end in sight. NASA also released a recent paper stating that California only has one year of water left. Since Laguna Beach imports 100% of our water from Sacramento and Colorado River, we are at the very center of this crisis.

Under the current mayor and city council’s leadership, it seems very possible that they may be the team to help solve the very real problem of a severe water shortage in Laguna.

Last month I watched the City Council meeting, and it was clear that the council is rapidly becoming a high performing team. They were leading by collaborating and were asking questions not from self-interest, but from the perspective of the whole community.

The council seemed to listen not only to the community’s comments, but also to each other. They displayed mutual respect by carefully weighing their votes after they had heard other council members opinions. It felt as if they were making excellent decisions and providing significant improvements for Laguna Beach.

I also challenge you Mayor Whalen, Mayor Pro tem Dicterow and Council members, Iseman, Boyd and Zur Schmiede, to pick up the mantle and focus on bringing a sustainable water supply to Laguna.

Listen to the experts and plan for purple pipes with recycled water – sooner rather than later. Seriously look at technologies that convert wastewater into drinkable water.

Replace lawns with drought tolerant natives (think of the beautiful landscaping at Montage).

There are people in this community who have the resolve and the answers to the water problem. Lead with them.

Thank you for demonstrating the art of servant leadership.

I believe you are the leaders we have been waiting for.


Theresa Cordova, Laguna Beach

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