Skate Park Fans Aim to Build Broader Support


Over 75 residents, aged 4 to 64, gathered at the Boys & Girls Club on Saturday, March 28, to learn about a possible skate park for Laguna Beach.

The city has set aside funds for a skate park, but due to the lack of consensus over a location plans have not progressed, says a statement from Fletcher Berryman, president of the Laguna Beach Republicans, which organized the meeting.

Michele Hall, chair of the city’s recreation committee skate park subcommittee, said a short list of sites is being considered.

“We need the community to recognize that hundreds of our kids need a safe place to skateboard, but we also need to find a site where the park will enhance rather than unduly impact the surrounding area and existing land use in the vicinity,” she said in a statement.

City Council member Steve Dicterow told the audience he was encouraged by the diverse support for a goal he has supported for 20 years.

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