Victms of View Abuse



I am upset with the toothless new view ordinance, which is being hobnailed together by our City Council. It appears that, once again, they are not moved by doing what is right for the victims of view robbers but rather, they are deferring to the majority.

The role of government is to protect the minority from the bullying majority. How about some equity for view rights?

Victims of view robbery have been marginalized and demeaned and have been called reactionary and selfish. They have been told that it is their fault. (Yikes. Hope you don’t say that to rape victims). Those whose views have been compromised necessarily bought a house with a view thus making it something that can be stolen. So how can it be their fault? Where is the protection from the majority? How could anybody who used to have a view know that their neighbors would turn out to be inconsiderate, selfish, egomaniacs?

I guess we know it now and need to broadcast it to the world of realtors and potential buyers. Lagunans with trees suck. They suck away your view, they suck away your property value, and they suck away the peace and tranquility that comes with a nice view and nice neighbors.

So if you want a view home in Laguna, either buy oceanfront or, if you are unable to swing that, just buy all the homes downhill from you and you can trim the trees however you like.

Barring those two solutions, it appears view victims will not be able to count on the city to protect them and will just have to learn to love looking at trees.

Mike Rybah, Laguna Beach

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