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In a time when small district congressional elections are making news on the national scene, we here in the 48th district (which encompasses Laguna Beach, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Huntington Beach as well as a small part of Laguna Niguel) had better pay attention to what’s going on in our own backyard. In this  “jungle primary,” which has 16 candidates listed on the ballot for United States Representative 48th District, only the two top vote getters will proceed to the November election.

But did you know that three of the names listed on the ballot have withdrawn from the race? That’s right. For example, if you had planned to vote for a female Democrat, the two women who fit this description on the ballot have since withdrawn from the race, so think again.

I don’t know about most of you, but I do not trust the California Democratic Party endorsement for this position; I’ve read that the guy they picked wined and dined each and every one of the delegates, however he did not win a single debate.

We all need to take an interest in this. Our future and our children’s future hinges on it. The current political climate is a disaster, exacerbated by Trump’s ineptitude and his dismantling of many key programs that benefit all individuals, our state, our country and our planet. We absolutely need, each and every one of us, to take an active role and unite behind one good candidate. I believe that candidate is Harley Rouda.

Harley jumped in early—he declared his candidacy shortly after Trump was elected, compelled to put himself in the ring as a positive driver for better outcomes in our nation. That means clean energy, environmental protection, equal rights, an end to gun violence and a return to sanity in Washington.

Harley is articulate, committed, and engaged. He is a well-educated people person who has already made frequent trips to Washington and is cultivating relationships so that when he arrives, he’ll spring right into action.  Harley is the one who can really win it in November and also do a great job once in office.

Don’t wait until you’re in the voting booth to decide. This decision is too important. Make your decision now. Vote Harley Rouda.


Melissa Cavanaugh, Laguna Beach



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