Why Not Allow a Decision by the Majority?



One of the interesting things about living in Laguna is the bubble mentality that so many of the residents seem to cling to, especially regarding parking.

There was an article about Laguna in the Los Angeles times in 2004 which I saved.  At that time there were approximately 24,000 residents, but about 3 million visitors a year. That breaks down to roughly 57,000 plus a week.

With all the subdivisions about to take place above the canyon and the big increase

in the tourist trade, the city’s plan to spend $50 million plus for 300 parking spaces is beyond belief. Those spots will only help the festival and off season, skateboarders.

Unless the city has plans for guards in the budget, it’ll be wide open.

Parking and traffic are now universal problems. Not just for Laguna. It’s a way of life.

Someone wrote a letter complaining about spending 20 minutes trying to find a parking spot. Try the area in Los Angeles between CBS, Farmer’s Market, The Grove and the Beverly Center and you’ll end up pulling your hair out of your head.

This sleepy little artist village is now a big time tourist destination.  If the village entrance is the only solution the City Council can come up with then it should be put before the people as a vote.  If it appears to the majority of the citizens as a good idea then there should be no fear in the council’s decision.


Mike Saitta, Laguna Beach

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