Greening Up the Wildlands



Michael Beanan’s Speaker’s Corner column (“A Natural Beauty,” July 12) suggesting that the hillsides of Laguna be watered with recycled water is a fabulous idea. It would not only beautify the city but would add a layer of fire protection that currently is lacking.

I have seen nothing done in 42 years to prevent fires except the goats.  I did see the fire department drive up to a vacant lot on Skyline once, get out in their dress uniforms and look down the hill.  But anything further, I have not witnessed. I believe that a wide road where the goats go now which would allow access to actually challenge a fire with watered, picturesque hiking trails on either side would someday save the city.  I believe the county has the equipment and personnel to help develop such an area.  If the firefighters then worked on developing the area instead of sitting in the station, the city could be a lot safer.  None of this has to cost as much as the new lifeguard headquarters or other things that are really luxuries in this city.

If the people involved in making Heisler Park such a beautiful place were even involved, imagine how pretty this town could be and how much use the local residents would get out of miles of watered, fire protective nature paths.



Steve Chew, Laguna Beach


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