Wisdom Workout: Tools to Fly Above the Chaos

By Susan McNeal Velasquez
By Susan McNeal Velasquez

 How is it possible to keep our equilibrium when our world seems to be moving so fast? A typical day is filled with more interactions with inanimate objects than living, breathing people. We wade through e-mails, retrieve voice mail, and send and receive cryptic text messages without any face-to-face contact.

This constant bombardment falls on us like acid rain, eroding our basic connection to one another. Simple truths can get lost amid the anxiety produced by our technological world. Conformity, trivia and dehumanization robs us of the basic simplicity necessary to live with grace and ease.

Our world is hard up for simple things. Things that naturally abound. Exploding sunsets, the sighing of the wind, the chirping of crickets. Beauty. Mystery. Wonder. These are essential truths that connect us in an age of frightening greed and disregard for the core of life itself.

“Yes, simple things. Sunsets, walks on the beach, deep loving connections, they are right here on my list of things to do right after my date with Santa Claus, the tooth-fairy and Sponge Bob Square Pants.”

Okay, so you think it is hopelessly unrealistic to actively seek to live a harmonious and loving life? The truth is that the hemorrhaging of our available energy due to unrelenting demands threatens to topple our natural balance, and therefore our ability to be happy.

Knowledge of our core needs and values grows as we learn to take time to listen to that still, small, intuitive voice within. The steps necessary to safeguard our sanity reside in the ability to manage our energy.

The first essential step is to use our power to say yes and no beneficially. Yes is a door opener. Yes allows our energy to transport us out into the world. No is a door closer. No slows down, closes down and shuts down the show. We must establish a strong affinity for right use of both yes and no to manage our multidimensional lives successfully.

Here is a three-word formula for successful self-management. Secure. Stabilize. Stretch. These three S’s supply a perfect guideline for knowing when to say yes and when to say no.

Safety and security require opening some doors, saying yes, while closing others, saying no. Stabilizing calls for a liberal use of no until we have come back home enough to find our grounding. Stretching requires an on-going commitment to open up to new experiences that will keep our curiosity, receptivity and vitality alive. That means the generous and liberal use of yes.

Our personal success depends mightily on our ability to secure enough information, support and sustenance to create safety. Next comes our ability to be patient with our unknown future while we stabilize and then when we are sure-footed, we can take the risks required to stretch out of our comfort zone.

It takes introspection to discern what areas of our lives are screaming for safety and security while other aspects are closing down from lack of stimulation.

It takes courage to admit when we are off kilter, out of balance, lopsided, and off-course. Identifying that there is a problem is the first step towards a positive shift.

Stretch with no stabilizing ultimately creates personal insecurity and burnout.

When the underpinnings that create your security base begin to unravel, you put yourself at the mercy of outside events. Think hummingbird, wings flapping furiously, with no place to land.

Secure. Stabilize. Stretch.

Apply these three S’s to the important areas of your life so that you learn to spread your wings and fly above the chaos of these challenging times.


Susan is the author of: Beyond Intellect: Journey Into the Wisdom of Your Intuitive Mind. Reach her at: susanvelasquez.com or [email protected]. (949)494-7773.

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