Wish Upon a Star

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By D.J. Ware

All I want for Christmas is . . . ? Since I still have my two front teeth, all I want is for three wishes to come true. My first wish is to open up an art gallery in Laguna Beach, a gallery devoted to children’s art, family art projects, and special exhibitions for emerging artists. I would like to have the gallery open to support the local art walk held on the first Thursday of every month. This event would be a great time for all to come and enjoy all the other galleries that are open and to meet local artists.

My second Christmas wish is to have more time to walk the streets of Laguna Beach during the holiday season. I love spending time pleasantly gazing at the displays in the galleries, window-shopping and eating in all the fancy restaurants. I enjoy hearing the hum and watching the flow of people for they all have friendly greetings made with smiles on their faces. While happily walking the downtown streets, I am blasted by the aroma coming from the local restaurants, which is an epicurean delight that always teases my appetite. Moving up the road to the Pageant of the Masters, I look forward to the living tableaux that is produced every summer. It is an extravagant and educational evening, which I hope never to miss.

On towards the beaches of Laguna where my senses are stirred by the sounds of crashing waves on the sand and where the salty breeze stinging my face awakens me to my third wish. That wish coming true is that from this day forward I may play, dance, work, learn and enjoy life in Laguna Beach, where it’s Christmas all year long.

Merry Christmas!


DJ Ware enjoys life traveling, writing and spending time with new and old friends.


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