Without Oversight for Spent Fuel



What we learned in Carlsbad on Sept. 26 at the first NRC meeting on decommissioning San Onofre is that the NRC is giving SCE two years to come up with a plan for decommissioning SONGS that doesn’t need NRC approval or anyone’s approval. We can ask questions. SCE has 60 years to complete the decommissioning process.

Meanwhile every day the dangerous spent fuel, 1,631 tons of it, rests without “defense-in-depth” protection that was demanded for the fuel within the reactor domes. The spent fuel cooling pools are not guaranteed in the same way against earthquake, tsunami, firestorm, electrical outage or terrorists.

SCE wants to lower safety standards by using a new dry cask system that crowds 32 fuel assemblies into the same space that currently holds 24.

It is time to call in the Camp Pendleton Marines and get SCE out of the decommissioning picture. They care only about profit, not the safety of 8.4 million people who would be displaced if any accident like Fukushima should compromise the spent fuel pools sitting there.

Write your California elected officials at the federal, state and city level. We can’t let this dangerous high burn fuel stay at SONGS for the next 20 years waiting to see if we will stay lucky.

At the NRC send a copy of your letter to: [email protected]  He is gathering comments on the public’s confidence about waste storage for a proposed rule.

Marni Magda, Laguna Beach



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