Younger Stewards Take Up the Canyon’s Cause

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It was with great joy I read Dave Csira’s Feb. 26 Letter to the Editor. He represents the next generation of the stewards for our heritage coastal canyons parkland.

The first stewards – Michael Pinto, Elisabeth Brown and Carolyn Wood answered the need and created a new 501 (c)(3) nonprofit in November of 1990. Their commitment helped ensure the purchase of the land slated for development in Laguna Canyon. That commitment also established Laguna Canyon Foundation as the entity to bring together state, county, city agencies and other nonprofits to work in partnership on behalf of open space in our increasingly urban county.

Today’s generation of stewards continues this role. They support the efforts to acquire new land for the wilderness park system and assist parkland managers with interpretation, education and habitat restoration programs. Most importantly through these programs they are preparing the next generation to step up and carry on the commitment.

With great appreciation to today’s Laguna Canyon Foundation board of directors and staff.

Mary Fegraus, Laguna Beach


Fegraus is the retired founding executive director of LCF.

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