Legendary Artist Returns to the Sawdust

Bill Ogden happily returned to Laguna Beach and Sawdust Art and Craft the Festival this week. Here, he earned recognition as an era-defining artist whose vision made him a standard bearer for heady times when youth culture pushed hard against a prevalent art establishment.

Show’s Inspiration Rises from Below Ground

In “Buyer and Cellar,” Laguna Playhouse’s latest offering, wordplay in the title signals what’s to come on stage. Sprung from Jonathan Tolins’ imagination, the cellar is Barbra Streisand’s underground replica of an 18th century Main Street assembled in the basement of a barn...

New Mural Embellishes Sawdust Art Festival

Artist Rolland Berry creates the mural "Heritage" as a gift to the Sawdust Art Festival, which opens its 50th season next Friday, June 24.

Festival of Arts and Pageant of the Masters Set to Open

This year’s Festival of Arts and the Pageant of the Masters open on July 7 and run through Aug. 31 on the Festival of Arts grounds and the Irvine Bowl. Throughout the summer, there will be live music concerts and art workshops for adults and children, wine and chocolate tastings,...

‘Sunbathers’ Transformation Begins

Should they stay or go was the question posed earlier in the year when Leonard Glasser’s sculpture "The Sunbathers" showed enough deterioration to be declared irreparable. In a rare move, the Arts Commission decided to de-accession the piece.

Time is Short to Appreciate Artist-Made Clocks

In a new twist on the old adage “time flies,” organizers of the city’s three art festivals and its tourism promoter have devised a way to give physical dimension to their tagline “Art is Timeless.” To emphasize the point and promote the upcoming summer art season, the Festival of...

Class of 2016 Displays an Enterprising Bent

“Stay courageous and stay in touch,” said LCAD president Jonathan Burke, acknowledging the students long hours working on studio projects and excitement to apply their learning. “You are ambassadors and advocates for art,” he said.

Super Future Kid Conquers New Worlds

The young man is wide-eyed, as if he’s seeing something he can’t quite fathom, and small wonder. While standing in purplish blue water, he’s wearing an orange space helmet and the replica of a little green alien around his neck. Around him swirl multi-colored pieces of confetti...

Lundeberg Retrospective, an Overdue Treat

Wearing a frilly white dress, a small girl sits next to a low table bearing a clock. Most striking are the tyke’s eyes, hinting at preternatural depth while gazing at the viewer. Behind her, the elongated shadow of a grown woman visually connects her to a painting of the grown...

‘Sex and Education,’ a Heady Mix on Stage

    It’s three days before graduation and Roosevelt High School basketball star Joe Marks is not only beset by senioritis, but horniness that addles his senses. He jeopardizes a college scholarship and an NBA fantasy during a final English exam by passing a sexually...

Drama Professor Receives Top Billing

In 1965, Robert Cohen, a young dramatist intent on gaining a tenured professorship, faced a choice between offers from UC Berkeley or the fledgling UC Irvine, sprouting amid cow pastures and orange groves. He chose the latter. “It was close to the beach,” recalled Cohen....

Arts Briefs

New Members Join Arts Commission The City Council appointed Karen Wood and Mike Stice as two new members to the Arts Commission last week and re-appointed incumbents, architect Donna Ballard and artist Suzi Chauvel. Ballard is the commission’s current chair. All will begin their...

Memorial Under Newly Watchful Eyes

After the latest of three incidents of vandalism to “Semper Memento,” the memorial to the victims of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, Laguna Beach police recently installed a surveillance camera in its vicinity in Heisler Park.

Art Tour Turns Into a Weekend Treasure Hunt

Local Festival of Arts exhibitors open their home studios to art lovers interested in getting a jump on the summer arts festival in Laguna Beach.

Larsen Fans Hope to Restore His Sculpture

It’s faded and cracked from the elements, and the hand is missing a thumb. Even so, the sculpture of Eiler Larsen, the Danish vagabond who metamorphosed into the revered Laguna Beach greeter, still draws throngs of visitors who pass his corner at Forest Ave and Coast Highway 41...