Get a Charge on the House

Laguna Beach will commission its first electric car charging station, which went into operation this week.  The two new stations are located near the corner of Forest Avenue and Broadway in downtown Laguna Beach.  The charging stations are part of the ChargePoint America (www.chargepointamerica.com) program administered by the Department of Energy through the Transportation Electrification Initiative.

At this time, parking and charging an electric vehicle at the new stations is free for four hours per day. After the four-hour limit, the vehicle must be moved to allow other vehicles to use the stations.  The electric vehicle charging stations are managed by the ChargePoint® Network and are accessible to all electric vehicle drivers.

Drivers may access the charging stations by making a toll free call on each charging station by using a ChargePass™ smart card or by using credit cards to start the free charging session.

The equipment is provided through a grant from the Department of Energy and installation was paid for by the city.

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