Mayor Feted With Dots and Jests

Photo by Andrea Adelson

Members of the Woman’s Club honored Elizabeth Pearson’s year-long service as mayor with polka dot and pastel decorations, award plaques and personal tributes.

Over lunch last Friday, friends and colleagues offered up a full menu of mostly humorous reminiscences about Pearson, who presided over 62 events last year during her third stint as the appointed mayor. She was first elected to the City Council in 2002 and served as mayor in 2005 and 2006.

“She has an IQ that could boil water,” said Toni Iseman, the current mayor, who also expressed a wistful appreciation for Pearson’s typing skills. “Now, I know why she gets so much done,” Iseman said.

Lifelong Democrat and planning commissioner Anne Johnson described a wake-up call delivered by Pearson. The candidate told her campaign manager to ditch hand-written envelopes and potluck for a mailing house and a caterer. “Working for a Republican is really different,” Johnson admitted.

Developer Cary Glenn saw a different side of the ever-fastidious Pearson. He recalled receiving an unexpected call from Pearson to put up her campaign signs. After scrambling up a hillside to plant one in a visible spot, Glenn returned to his vehicle expecting gratitude. “It’s not straight,” Pearson complained to Glenn, who traipsed back up the hill.

Chris Quilter, president of the Susi Q Senior Center that Pearson championed, praised her policy knowledge. “She paid a price for being a hometown politician; she could have gone further. She threw her lot in with us,” he said.

Bree Burgess Rosen sang a tribute to Pearson with personalized lyrics by Quilter.

The woman of the hour expressed gratitude for an open-minded community culture. “We get to be ourselves here, and aren’t we lucky?” she said.

Elizabeth Pearson’s service as mayor was honored at a lunch last week.

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