A Plea for Funds


   The Laguna Relief and Resource Coalition is a non-profit you’ve probably never heard of.

   It began in the wake of the disastrous fire of 1993. That’s one thing we do. We look after victims of natural disaster: fire, flood, quake, slide

   We provide food, clothing, and other necessities to low-income families during times like today’s enduring recession.

   And we seek to alleviate and someday end homelessness in Laguna Beach.

     It is the latter mission I find most difficult and most demanding. I joined the board of directors of the LRRC because I think I have somehow failed if I can sleep under a roof while others can’t.

   We share space in the shelter in Laguna Canyon with Friendship Shelter. Friendship Shelter takes care of the homeless during the night. We have them during the day. Under our management, they shower, wash their clothes, and stash their backpacks in a storage space. What you see on the street is no longer a bindle-stiff. You see an ordinary human being.

   Although our clients are chronically disabled, every person works. They cook, clean, run errands, do whatever task is called for. We do not want our homeless merely to exist. We want them to become self-sustaining members of society.  We do not want them to be on hold. We want them free of their homelessness. We have sent 70 homeless persons back to their families. We pay their transportation one way.

    When a resident of the shelter needs medical attention we send him or her to the Community Clinic, keeping them out of emergency rooms,  thus reducing the cost to all of us.

  Why do I tell you this? Because the LRRC is running out of money. We will go broke in about six months. We desperately need your help. We are a community that looks out for each other. We help the homeless. We need your help to help us continue our job.

   If you care, please send a check, payable to LRRC, P.O.Box 4481, Laguna Beach, CA 92652.  Naturally such a gift is tax deductible. But mainly it joins you in this humane mission. Please.


Arnold Hano, Laguna Beach

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