Taking Stock

Finally, The Uptrend Is Back At last, the market averages pushed through their recent ceilings on increased volume, confirming a resumed uptrend. For several weeks, stocks have advanced on lower volume without conviction, in the manner of someone trying to pad quietly up a flight...

Julie O’Donovan Ireland

Julie O’Donovan Ireland passed away Nov. 3, 2012. Born March 8, 1919 in Los Angeles, a first generation American and longtime resident of Laguna Beach, Ireland was employed by the Los Angeles Police Department and was a “founder” and retiree of Calif. State University, Fullerton....

On the Pitch in Ireland

Laguna Beach High School sophomore Evan Williams and his Strikers FC teammates competed in Northern Ireland’s Milk Cup. The 30th annual tournament hosted 46 teams from five continents whose players lived in the dorms at the University of Ulster in Coleraine. Strikers junior and...

Art Seen

Ethereal landscapes, moody seascapes, and beautiful abstracts are part of more than 20 paintings featured by artist Georgeana Ireland at Fingerhut Gallery, 201 A Forest Ave. in Laguna Beach. She will create a new masterpiece live this Saturday, Sept 24.