A Vote for Free, Creative Spirits


I am sure that Laguna Beach Unified School District Superintendent Sherine Smith did not intend to imply that the American Management Association or American business leaders were somehow dictating the LBUSD curriculum of the 21st Century.

I’m also sure she didn’t mean to suggest that it was the mission of LBUSD to train a workforce to meet their business needs. If so, this is certainly not the type of education I would have wanted for my children, and now grandchildren.

I had always assumed that the mission of our schools was to give children the background, tools, and skill to think for themselves, decide how to live their lives, become good citizens, and yes “be all that they can be.” I’d much rather have a free and creative spirit graduate from our great school district rather than …I tremble at the thought of our and our children’s futures if our educational goals are well-trained cogs for the global economy.

Dom Roguly, Laguna Beach

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